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"Well what can I say about DeclutteRus?  My house never felt a place to call home to appreciate and enjoy.  I was chaotic inside with too much stuff and I just didn't know where to start, it was getting me down.  I met Russ through a friend and I could tell immediately when I met her that she was not judgemental at all, very calming in fact.  Russ came over and we chatted about what I wanted to achieve.  She explained what she could do to help.  I felt that she understood exactly what I needed and agreed to coming to help.  I wanted to postpone, cancel and just hide the day before she was due to come but I knew that if I wanted to change things I had to give Russ a chance to help me.  She came, ever so discreet, respectful and calm.  It made what I thought was going to be a job beyond hell an absolute dream with a lot of  laughter. I was left with a decluttered and peaceful bedroom.  She then returned to help my husband with his dressing room which had clothes dating back 20 years!  He told me he didn't need to be "Russ'd" ….upteen charity bags later and he was delighted with the results.  He can actually see what clothes he has and they are all organised and easily accessible. Since then Russ has returned to tackle various rooms with me helping with storage solutions that I never knew existed and now I can say I love my home again" 

(L, Hampstead Garden Suburb)

"Unbelievable Russ, Still cannot tell you how everything has changed my life.  I still haven't bought anything.  I can choose something to wear easily everyday and put it back.  It's just so easy now.  I have bought a few toiletries , but that's allowed??  You've been very professional and have lots of integrity and I think that's really important in this job too. Thank you so much Russ, was brilliant today!! Will make such a difference."

(M, Finchley)

'I have spent years walking around my house learning to ignore piles of clothes, newspapers and various random objects that accumulate in a home of four people including teenagers and a dog.  I regularly spend a lot of time looking for things that I need and have no idea where they have been placed.  I am very poor at devising systems for any kind of admin or general organisation.  Because of the above a friend gave me the best birthday present which was a voucher for DeclutteRus.  I had never thought of bringing someone in to help me for this, but Russ immediately put me at ease and it was actually the best idea.  Russ is very discreet and I highly recommend this service which was a complete pleasure, thank you"

(S, Mill Hill)

"Russ offered to help me sort my wardrobes after a house move, she was discreet, calm, organised and logical. everything I needed to help me clarify what was important.  Highly recommend a dose of Russ's unique brand of calm and creativity in your life"

(M, Mill Hill)

 "I would highly recommend Russ to anyone looking to feel more organised throughout their whole home.  I can honestly say after just a few visits from Russ, her calm, organised and thorough  manner has totally transformed my home.  It has changed my life.  I feel more organised, clearer, cleaner and more together in my home than I have for years.  I now know where everything is, and everything is in its right place.  My home is finally working correctly and it feels great!  Thank you Russ.  You are a delight to be around as well.  I'm buying all my friends and family Russ decluttering vouchers.  There's no better gift for anyone!!!"  

(M from Finchley)

"Russ was absolutely amazing in helping me declutter my wardrobe!  I thought that I was neat and organised, but Russ made me look at my wardrobe completely differently.  Not only do I now have separate sections for times of the year for my clothes, but I have most jumpers hung up so I can actually SEE my clothes!!  Russ was also a pleasure to work with and was so lovely, calm and patient with waiting for me to decide what I needed and what I didn't.  Believe it or not it's a really hard process letting go of some old clothes, but Russ helped me to see the bigger picture and I can't tell you how much it has helped me.  Everything I have in my closet I actually wear and Russ allowed me to see which I actually need and what I don't.  I now  don't feel the need to spend hours online shopping for a top that I know I already have.  I also don't feel guilty having to buy a pair of jeans because I know I will actually wear them.  Russ is brilliant to work with and I strongly recommend her to all!" (E, teenager, Finchley) 

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